Suburban Peaceful Environments`

In suburban areas throughout Africa, removable bollards are an essential feature of day to day life. While not specifically permitted by the highway code, it is still possible to block certain roads in certain areas of town according to local and municipal by-laws.

Where Can This Be Done?

This frequently happens in small cul de sacs or courts around suburban areas in many African cities. Residents will place temporary Bollards or safety bollards to cordon off a street, usually for a specific purpose such as a kid’s sporting event or a barbecue.

If you are going to a specific part of town on a special occasion such as a public holiday, then keep in mind that you may encounter situations like this and have to find your way around the blockage.

Removable Bollards for Public Parks

Public parks can also be protected by a system of safety bollards. This will prevent unwanted access to vehicles at entrances to the park. This is a necessity in many places to protect the local flora and fauna from road traffic and erosion. Most parks and forested areas around Africa are only for pedestrian (or at most cyclist) traffic, so it is very important to keep vehicles out of these areas.

Slowing Down Traffic

There are many ways to slow down traffic in suburban areas around Africa. The most commonly used method is the installation of speed humps throughout strategic locations in the area. On long roads, this can be a useful way of slowing down traffic and it can also help to bring vehicles to a stop at an intersection approach.

Speeding is frequently a very serious problem in suburban areas because of unwitting pedestrians who can get too comfortable on the road, combined with drivers who feel that a lack of cars means a license to speed.