5 important things which you have to know before renting
Probably, you are going to leave your hometown in the nearest time and settle down in completely different place. Or you google sometimes apartments for rent just in order to know nowadays prices and trends. So, anyway, everyone has even faced such question during the life and it`s time to learn more about that how you can rent apartments and which points are essential.

Firstly, let`s dream a little bit. You should certainly understand which type of apartment you are looking for. Do you need one bedroom or more? Is it important for you to have a big kitchen and living room? It seems to be obvious questions but people often can`t explain to an agent their wishes and just walk around different variants without a strict aim. So, if you don`t want to waste time, imagine your perfect residence using as many details as possible. For example, if your partner and you are looking for a separate lodging and not going to have a baby in the nearest few years, it is more likely for you to start checking one bedroom apartments rentals.

Secondly, the location. Maybe, you would like to live in a big metropolis with plenty of offices, crowds of people, the fast way of life and a lot of night bars. But, if the calmness and serenity are closer to you, you may be interested in searching for an one bedroom for rent in Portland. It is a small town surrounded by mountains and forests. This place would be perfect for people whose hobby is cycling, windsurfing, and fishing.

The next thing is a price. Of course, you have some budget and don`t want to waste a lot of money. Don`t forget that you will pay also for utilities like electricity, gas, and heat. One more thing about supplies - ask an agent if all wires, pipes and other things are new and work in a good way. Don`t buy a cat in a poke. Coming back to the topic of the price, you may wonder to find out flats rentals in Parkrose Heights, Portland which will cost from 1050 $ per month. Here you can rent an apartment in a big complex with gym, sauna, and parking.

Finally, you`ve chosen an apartment which you adore and ready to move in. But there are some official points which you need to remember. Of course, it is all about a lease or a contract. Read it carefully so you won`t be tricked by some points. It would be better to ask an opinion of your friend from a law faculty if you have one. Or you can just find a skillful lawyer and send him a copy of a lease. Probably you have to pay a deposit and first month of renting before moving in. Don`t be afraid – it is okay. People just want to be sure that you won`t fool them.

So, the procedure of the renting is easier than it seems to be. Just don`t worry and listen to your heart.

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