What Makes Calgary So Popular?
The Calgary region has become one of the fastest growing population centers in all of Canada. People from within Canada and elsewhere in the world have moved to Calgary and its surrounding cities due to a number of different factors, from the city’s business-friendly nature to the high quality of life that the area offers. From great activities to terrific cuisine, here are just a few of the different factors that make Calgary one of the best cities to live in.

Low Taxes

Alberta as a whole does not charge a provincial tax, and this makes living in the province much more affordable for both residents and businesses. To sweeten matters even further, Calgary charges a low sales tax. For a typical purchase in Calgary, you will only need to pay a five percent goods and services tax. Making a similar purchase in another major city in Canada, such as Ottawa or Montreal, might cost you three times the amount of taxes. This provides Calgary residents with two major benefits. First, lower taxes means more money in your pocket. Second, the low tax rate attracts many different businesses to the area, which in turn provides residents with more options when it comes to spending money.

Terrific Environment

Calgary is one of the most environmentally friendly cities in the world. The city itself features a great deal of beautiful scenery by virtue of being situated at the base of the picturesque Rocky Mountains. Even when touring the heart of the city, though, it is very easy to enjoy the environment. Public transportation has a strong presence and a high level of reliability, which has cut down on the use of cars. This means less noise pollution, fewer emissions, and cleaner air. Even when the weather turns bad, the availability of skywalks between buildings in the downtown area makes it easy to tour the city and enjoy the sights without getting wet or cold in the process.

A Terrific Metropolitan Area

Calgary’s metropolitan area features many smaller cities that provide many of the same luxuries and conveniences that the city itself does. Additionally, the city is only a three-hour drive away from the next largest community in the area, Edmonton. That means that somebody who wants to explore the great province of Alberta can do so in a single day without needing to make long-term plans. From Calgary, you can explore the many smaller cities in the area, such as Airdrie and Okotoks, or you can take a longer trip to enjoy the West Edmonton Mall or even Glacier National Park in the United States. You can enjoy all this traveling and still sleep in your own bed when night comes.

Calgary has one of the lowest tax rates and highest life quality indexes in all of Canada. The strong metro area also provides options for good Calgary movers that can transport your belongings to the city or to one of its fine suburbs. Many people seek a new beginning in Calgary, and the city is ideal for such an opportunity.

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