Minority Subcontractors Meet At Black Dot

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Minority Subcontractors meet at Black Dot
WJJ Consulting updates on upcoming projects

Curtiss Calhoun of Black Dot and Walter Jones of WJJ Consulting address a group of Minority Subcontractors
Curtiss Calhoun of Black Dot and Walter Jones of WJJ Consulting

Seattle area Minority Subcontractors in the construction industry gathered at Black Dot Underground on Jackson Street yesterday for an informational session presented by Walter Jones of WJJ Consulting.  The purpose of the meeting was to outline upcoming construction opportunities on the Midtown (23rd & Union) development. Walter Jones and his team updated the subcontractors as to timeline, bidding process, and requirements.

Midtown will be under development for several years to come as Lake Union Partners, who owns 80% of the block will start demolition later this year and the partnership of Africatown and Capitol Hill Housing who own 20% of the block are looking to break ground in early 2020. The opportunity for work for Minority Subcontractors around these two projects is abundant.

Curtiss Calhoun of Black Dot
Curtiss Calhoun of Black Dot

Mr. Curtiss Calhoun of Black Dot as well made a presentation that made those in attendance aware of the several business development classes and programs that Black Dot offers to ensure that the contractors are prepared for success.

What the construction of the Liberty Bank Building revealed was that many Minority Subcontractors often have lapses in their paperwork due to massive gaps in winning successful bids.  That being the case, when an opportunity arises where Minority Subcontractors have an opportunity to win a bid, many times they require some assistance to ensure that all of their required paperwork is in order and that they are in a position to win and work.

For more information please contact Walter Jones at wjjconsulting@gmail.com

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