Learn how to Finesse the secrets of crowdfunding for your small business

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Jenefeness Tucker to teach the secret to crowdfunding as opposed to traditional small business loans   

Small business development expert, Jenefeness Tucker, will conducting a class entitled, Finesse My Asset: Gain Access to Capital for Your Small Business, at Black Dot Underground tomorrow night on the latest innovations in regards to accessing capital for small businesses.

Recent research indicates that Less than 10% of small business owners qualify for a traditional loan and less than 20% of them actually pay the loan back successfully.

What smart business owners are doing these days is mastering the skill of accessing other people's money through #equityfinancing (ie. crowdfunding campaigns) instead of increasing their liabilities with #debtfinancing.   

Tucker's course is aimed at helping small business owners leverage their social capital to fund their business by developing a SMART campaign that renders results in the shortest amount of time and with the lest amount of effort.

Tickets are only $20 and the class starts at 6pm at Black Dot Underground located at 1437 South Jackson Street, Suite 100, Seattle, WA 98144

Please click here for tickets and more information.

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