Africatown seeks to build dialouge between Seattle's African and African American Communities

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Africatown hopes to spark an honest conversation between the African and African-American communities through the screening of Bound: African vs African American at Langston Hughes on Saturday. 

Africatown is looking to the screening of the movie Bound: Africans vs African Americans on Saturday, March 9, 2019 at Langston Hughes as an opportunity restart the dialogue between Africans and African-Americans in the Seattle - King County area.

Nationally, as well as here in our own backyard there has been a growing divide between these two communities who in many ways of sons of a common mother.  In 2019 being the 400th year since the very first ship carrying enslaved Africans arrived on the shores of America, there is perhaps no better time than now to find ways to develop unity and cooperation between these communities.

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The media has played a powerful role over the years in reinforcing the most negative and detrimental stereotypes about both communities to each other.  However, in this information age, we cannot no longer point the finger at the media and want to work directly to change the narrative and to dispel the myths and stereotypes the media has portrayed to divide us with the end goal being that we can come together as one and create an environment of working together for one common cause and developing the unity necessary to improve our collective quality of life.

For this to happen though, first we need the cooperation and participation of as many African communities in the area as possible and as well as many as possible African-Americans to come out and be a part of this history making event; shifting the landscape of the Black Community in Seattle forever and opening a honest, open, and productive discussion between the community members. We feel that the film Bound offers a perfect platform in regards to insights around different community perspectives as well as a catalyst for discussion.

Following the film there will be group discussions focusing on solutions and there will be a reception with food from local African and African American restaurants as well.

Informal dress code is African themed if you are able, we would love to take a picture to share our history making event.

Saturday March 9th, 2019 @ 4pm
Langston Hughes Performing Arts Institute
104 17th Ave S Seattle, WA 98144

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