Black Dot Master Class: Build Your Credit Score by 90 Points in 90 Days

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Build Your Credit Score by 90 Points in 90 Days

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Black Dot Master Class series invites you to join us on Thursday March 7, 2019 at 6pm and learn some strategies that will help you build your credit without having to generate additional debt with credit expert, Fiscal Finesse.

Finesse has helped hundreds of individuals to improve their credit score, save money, eliminate debt and create successful budgets for their households and businesses. Become a homeowner, lower your interest rates and increase your savings account in 2019 with this workshop.
Jenefeness Tucker

Jenefeness Tucker was awarded the Microentrepreneur of the Year Award and nominated for Advisor of the Year. She was also named on the 100 Growth List of Middle Market CEO’s by Axial, appeared on Inside Edition, featured in articles and segments on The Successful Micropreneur, TBN’s Encounter Him Series, NPR News, Fox 28 News, Successful Business News, Columbus Business Journal and Ohio MBE. She is an educated, experienced, qualified and certified Professional Development Life Coach.

She has been coaching, leading, educating, advising, facilitating and consulting for more than 17 years. She has worked for Corporate America, Non-Profit as well as State and Federal Government agencies and became an Entrepreneur with Financial COMFORT Consulting LLC in 2009.

Jenefeness received a Bachelor of Science degree in Communications and Operations Management from Wilberforce University and then soon after a Master degree in Business Administration from Ohio Dominican University. She has gone from receiving less than $300 a month in welfare benefits to grossing mid-six figures annually by Living on Less (LOL). She currently enjoys teaching the same algorithms to her former students at UCONN, Franklin University and WSU as well as growing clientele in 17 of the 50 states in the US and three other countries through one-on-one technical assistance, seminars, her podcast Fiscal Finesse University and in her books Finesse My Life, Finesse My Time Management, Finesse My Budget and Finesse My Finances.

While her professional accolades were multiplying exponentially, Jenefeness’ personal life went through a series of brokenness and division. She persevered and endured two tumultuous divorces, domestic violence, emotional abuse, adultery, family incarceration and drug addiction amongst other divers temptations. She shares her personal testimony in a vivid account in the book Broken Wife Broken Life.

Affectionately known as “Fiscal Finesse”, she an advocate of Women’s Empowerment and Economic Self-Sufficiency hoping to inspire others with her authenticity and continuous fight in the face of adversity. After leaving Greenwich, Connecticut; Jenefeness relocated to Columbus, Ohio in January 2016 then Seattle, Washington in September 2018 and is now co-parenting her teenage daughter as well as mentoring her adult son. She is excited to assist women in Finessing Their Lives and is available for speaking engagements offering complimentary consultations and engaging resources and support available at

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