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Dr. Supreme Understanding, ahead of his upcoming ‘Solutionary Moves’ weekend on June 1st and 2nd in Seattle recounts the ‘Emerald City’ as one of the key markets that gave him momentum to start his career. The good doctor took some time and sat down with Africatown Media to discuss content of his upcoming master classes, “How to Hustle and Win” and “Education for Elevation”.

Following his whirlwind tour through the south of the USA, Dr. Supreme Understanding shared his affinity for the Pacific Northwest and Seattle, where he says he received pivotal support at the outset of his publishing and speaking career. “Seattle is one of the first places I came when I started my publishing career. Seattle showed me a lot of love”, says Dr. Supreme Understanding while on a remote call from the east coast. “Coming all the way from the east coast, across the country and seeing there is a consistency in what we are doing – being able to connect, and I enjoy traveling anyway, but Seattle is special because, it is one of the first places that I set it off. I don’t want to call it a movement, but just bringing knowledge of self, back to an international audience – Seattle was a big step [for me] outside of the state [of Georgia, where he resides] It was beautiful.”

Admiring Seattle at the beginning of his career, he anticipates a productive visit now and proclaims high admiration for the social, economic and community movement taking place in Africatown. The model of education, innovation and communication – pillars of Africatown’s community movement are in lock step with what Dr. Supreme Understanding teaches and promotes. “The three premises [of Africatown] of education, innovation and communication are way better than entertainment and stagnation”, he says.

His courses reinforce his words and actions. Applying the title of his popular book, “How to Hustle and Win”, Dr. Supreme Understanding will teach on the very subject Saturday June 1 at Black Dot Underground (1437 S. Jackson St., Seattle) at 5pm. With many different meanings and definitions of what makes a ‘hustler’, Dr. Supreme Understanding explains, “People are going to learn how to stop losing their mind behind food, clothing and shelter… People are out here calling themselves working, but they’re really slaving.” He mentions that having a job and routine are not what will elevate people into the freedom of mind, body and spirit – there is more to life than working for a company. “You’re not working for your mission, you’re working for somebody else’s mission. The money might pay, but you may not have time or peace of mind.”

Dr. Supreme Understanding says that “How to Hustle and Win” presents an indigenous and revolutionary mind state, where working for yourself, your family and community are the focus and are also freeing factors in life, from the routines and depression experienced by many people in dissatisfying life paths. Highlighting the emergence and vitality of technology, he remarks, “Before the internet, you had to hustle with your hands and feet – now you can hustle with your fingertips.”

The second course, “Education for Elevation” master class and brunch (Sunday June 2 at 10am, at Africatown Center for Education and Innovation, 3100 S. Alaska St., Seattle) is a dual focus course – 1) Controlling your economics and 2) Controlling the way you think and process. “Showing people the correct model of education is first showing people how they have been mis-educated and why”, says Dr. Supreme Understanding. “What are the key things that need to be taught for your children to survive and succeed and not be humiliated by the school system? What can you do on your own? If you don’t pull your kids out of school, how can you educated them outside of school? If you do pull your kids out of school, how can you educate them then? If you are educating your children and community, what are you teaching them and how is it making them self-sufficient?” These are but a few of the questions Dr. Supreme Understanding tackles in this focused master class on the art and science of learning and application. “The goal here is all about self-sufficiency; how to choose your own destiny”, he says. “A lot of us have gotten into collecting and consuming information – I don’t teach that. I only give people things that they can use…” – Dr. Supreme Understanding

Tickets are only $10 per session and you can purchase them now by clicking here

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