Tomorrow Mothers for Police Accountability will host a press conference to pose some questions of the Seattle Police Department and the King County Sheriff’s Department regarding an early morning incident on May 15, 2019 (approximately 3:20am), where a nude Black woman was confronted and allegedly tased by law enforcement.  The woman who, according to witness accounts, was seemingly ‘mentally disturbed’ has not been identified for the public record as of yet.
Citing the fact that ‘Black women (descendants of enslaved human beings), have historically had no one [to run to] and nowhere to run to for protection…’ MPA has composed a list of specific questions regarding the incident, its handling, the outcome and the condition of the woman who was tased.  “This is an important issue that needs attention and action”, said Rev. Harriet Walden, Founder and Chair of MPA and decades long community member and activist in Seattle.  She also serves as an active and standing board member providing oversight of police conduct within the Seattle law enforcement community.  “The community at-large has strong concerns regarding trauma suffered by this sister as well as secondary trauma to other Black women and others witnessing this incident”, she added.  With more than 17 bulleted and detailed questions included in the official press release for the press conference, MPA is seeking answers and encourages the community to come and ask questions and be heard.
The incident itself involved two tax-paid law enforcement agents who filed reports.  Sgt. Morris of the King County Sheriff’s Department filed report #C19018562, while a corresponding report of the incident was filed by Officer Kim (badge #8500) of the Seattle Police Department under case #19-174764.  Each report is publicly accessible.  “Our concern to protect the humanity of a sister in a public space demands that we ask these questions…” says Rev. Walden in the MPA press release.  The nature of some of the MPA’s questions deal with matters of were female officers summoned to act, was the woman in question provided any clothing/covering to conceal herself in a nude condition as well what was the nature of the threat posed by the woman and what was the time frame from first contact to force?
The Mothers for Police Accountability press conference regarding this incident of a nude, possibly mentally disturbed and tased Black woman in the Pioneer Square section of Seattle, is scheduled for tomorrow, Wednesday May 22, 2019 at the Seattle City Hall (600 4th Ave, Seattle, WA 98104) at 10:00am.
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