Wyking Garrett Joins the National Conversation on Reparations

The Central District’s own, Wyking Garrett, brought Seattle into the national conversation about reparations this week in an interview for Newsweek.
As CEO of Africatown Community Land Trust, Wyking has been a leader in translating community needs into tangible solutions, actions that have been appreciated locally and recognized nationally for their innovative approach.
When asked about opposition to the idea of reparations, Wyking resonded, “The normalizing of Black oppression and social engineering of the Black population into a second-class citizenship status has caused some people to believe that this is some type of immutable natural condition and that everyone has ‘earned’ their place in society through effort or lack thereof, when this is not the case.”

Wyking emphasized that the reparations discussions should begin with “dismantling systems that perpeturate marginalization and Jim Crow Apartheid.”

“Sucess in regards to descendents of the Africans who were enslaved and subjugated,” he added, “looks like us having the resources, right to self-determination and the freedom to thrive that have been violently and systematically denied for over 400 years.”

For the full story, including commentary from other national leaders, visit www.newsweek.com.