Changing The Game for Young Black Males

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Game Changers program at Washington Middle School is making an impact:

"At its core, I feel Game Changers is men of color keeping young men of color accountable, encouraged, motivated & challenged. These boys respond more positively and readily to hard talk from men who look like them, obviously care about them (because they were them!) than they would to a well-meaning Caucasian teacher/administrator. My son comes home talking about school; the positive and negative experiences and interaction. Game Changers is always a positive interaction, except for one time, and in that instance, I agreed with the Game Changers staff that Max was not giving his 110%. They demand it from the boys, always. Max is learning grit and perseverance, soft skills he’ll need to do anything well in life. He’s learning the discipline of pushing his mental and physical capacities. And he’s having real world, real talk conversations with men of color about how to navigate school and the larger society as a Black man with integrity. And *Bonus! Max is being exposed to the adventure and challenge of working for oneself- entrepreneurship! This program is worth its weight in gold - it should be funded, promoted and supported!"--M. Michell Mattox (Mother of Max M. - 8th grade)

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