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Phil of the Advise Show chooses some of the leading news stories from around the world, including police killing unarmed black men and abusive parents. Phil’s approach is simple yet strategic. On his radio and TV shows, he offers news from a common sense perspective.

The Advise Show is unique for Phil’s unbiased opinion. He can tell the truth without worrying what sponsors will think, partly because he didn’t have paid sponsors for years. Now, with an audience of nearly 500,000 and more than 100 million views, his sponsors are small and medium sized businesses who share Phil’s nonsensical ideals.

The Advise Show is Phil’s second job. He has a full-time career as a chemical energy professional, and he never saw himself having such an incredible viewership. While his attire has grown from t-shirts to ties, the humble host hasn’t changed his agenda. He still calls it like he sees it and offers a purely Christian, male perspective on things.

Phil doesn’t necessarily see himself as a leader. He says that thinking that you’re better than others leads to trouble. He’s been quick to blast crooked police who brutalize African American men and he is an open supporter of the #BLACKLIVESMATTER initiative. On the flip side of things, he has been quick to rebuke African American leaders such as Dr. Umar Johnson for recent controversy while applauding Muslim leaders such as Quanell X. While he doesn’t condemn the LGBT community, he holds traditional beliefs.

While mainstream media brings forth a lot of sad stories, Phil tries to put a humorous, alternative spin on the news. His YouTube channel Ratchet Weekly takes the most ridiculous photos that people send him and shows people how not to dress.

The Advise Show is growing and plans to become available on Roku. Phil hopes to one day bring his show to network television for a 24-hour channel.

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