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Kellen: When is the EP or album coming out and where can America get it?

Stanley Enow: My album #SoldierLikeMaPapa which was one of the most awaited albums from Central Africa is now already available. The release was planned in two phases: physical first and then a digital release to follow. The physical release has been completed. The physical copy of my album #SoldierLikeMaPapa is now available from various outlet points in Cameroon.

The second phase of my album release will see the album being released digitally on iTunes, Deezer, Spotify etc under SONY MUSIC via RockStar4000. The digital release date will be announced in a few days.

My fans and supporters in the USA and in other parts of the world will be able to purchase my music online. I urge them to keep an eye on my official Facebook Page – STANLEY ENOW OFFICIAL for eventual updates of the digital release. Also on my Twitter and Instagram accounts both @StanleyEnow

Kellen: Do you have a preference in rapping in English, French, Pidgin?

Stanley Enow: I do not have a major preference in rapping in either in English, French or Pidgin. I mostly flow with a unique style which blends all three languages. This enables me to cut across the masses in Cameroon and the rest of Africa which has a variety of languages. Nonetheless, I have some tracks which are recorded in English only or with English dominating over French and Pidgin.

Kellen: Who inspires you?

Stanley Enow: My sources of inspiration have been numerous from TI, Jay Z etc to African artists such as the legendary Fela Kuti, Manu Dibango etc.

Kellen: Do you plan to reach the Western market?

Stanley Enow: I do plan to reach the Western market. I have a lot of fans of different age groups, races, cultures and backgrounds worldwide in the USA, Canada, Europe, following me on social media and also consuming my music. Most definitely with my worldwide distribution deal under SONY MUSIC via RockStar4000, I will be able to export my work even more.

Kellen: What is your daily routine?

Stanley Enow: When I am not in the studio cooking some hits you would find me at home doing my best to relax, interacting with my fans or out doing some charity work under my foundation STANLEY ENOW FOUNDATION.

Kellen: What is your dream feature?

Stanley Enow: There is no specific artist in the music industry that I currently dream to feature however, I will heartily appreciate a featuring with Lil Wayne, Don Jazzy, Rick Ross, Petit Pays, Kendrick Lamar, Christ Brown, Drake, Jay Z, Beyoncé, MI Abaga etc.

Kellen: Status of Cameroonian Rap and will we see more features?

Stanley Enow: Cameroonian rap is rapidly evolving. Currently, there is a hip hop revolution taking place in my country which is delightful to see. I am so blessed to be the face of the revolution, to be part of the growing trend. The release of my hit single, HEIN PERE which went viral overnight saw me reaping the very first MTV Africa Award and scooping several other awards in the USA for Cameroon. That marked the very first time that a rapper took the lead in the Cameroon’s urban music scene.

Generally in Cameroon, our local genre which is called Makossa had been topping the charts and making wakes in and around Africa and Europe for many years. There is an ongoing movement where rap/hip hop music is becoming the new order of the day. Rap music is no longer seen as violent music or music for dropouts, the very fact that I am a University graduate and a rapper proves that.

Furthermore, major brands are also no longer as skeptical to associate with rappers. A good case study is myself, I am the very first rapper to be a brand Ambassador for major international brands such as SAMSUNG and Guinness.
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