‘Divest, Reinvest’– Umoja Parade Carries King County Equity Now Message Across CD

Saturday’s Umoja events in the Central District were more than a community celebration. As it pushes for gains after weeks of demonstrations, protests, and rallies following the police killing of George Floyd, King County Equity Now said 2020’s one-day version of the celebration also served as a day “to promote community healing and cultural expression” after weeks of violence and injustice.

“While COVID-19 has disrupted the usual three-day summer celebration, King County Equity Now is proud to honor the long-standing spirit and legacy of this festival with the Umoja March & Day of Unity for Black Lives,” the organization said in a statement on this year’s march and rally.

While crowds were smaller than in past years, Saturday’s parade from 23rd and Union to Jimi Hendrix Park also provided the community with “safe space to practice their 1st amendment rights– calling for justice through artistic expression, protesting the ongoing government-sanctioned violations of their human rights, and celebrating the creativity and resiliency of Black people and Black communities for centuries,” the coalition statement said.
King County Equity Now has put forward a four-point plan including defunding the Seattle Police Department as it calls for officials to respond after the summer’s protests and community rallies.

You can learn more at kingcountyequitynow.com.