Africatown announces expanded services via text platform

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Africatown announces expanded services via text platform
AHAA platform seeks to activate and inform

Seattle, WA - Africatown Community Land Trust today announced expanded services to their Africatown Housing Action Alert (AHAA) platform.  The AHAA text message platform was initially launched three weeks ago in direct response to the urgent demand for housing that was demonstrated when the appointment phone lines for the Liberty Bank Building crashed just minutes after opening on November 1st due to overwhelming volume of phone calls from those in the community seeking affordable housing in the Central District.

In the new, expanded version of the AHAA platform, when someone texts HOME to 206 309 6324, they will then get several options based upon what they are seeking all ranging from information on how to get involved in the cause for affordable housing, resources for those seeking immediate housing services as well as assistance for veterans, those seeking internet and assistance with tax returns.

According to K. Wyking Garrett of Africatown Community Land Trust, the AHAA platform serves two important purposes.

“Although the primary purpose of the AHAA platform is to serve as a communication platform to activate those passionate about personally working for the cause of affordable housing in the Central District, AHAA also doubles as a platform to provide basic information to those in our community who are seeking immediate resources.” said Garrett.

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