Discover the Black presence in Seattle

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Experience the beauty, brilliance, and resilience of the African diaspora community/legacy in Seattle!

The Africatown Black Seattle tour is your time machine to go to the significant places, historic events and meet the remarkable individuals that have helped shaped the African American and surrounding Seattle community.

The Central District became the center of African American life within Seattle in 1890 when William Grose built his home on the 12 acres of land he purchased from Henry Yesler. Discriminatory policies, such as housing covenants, forced Blacks who had migrated to Seattle from the South to buy and live in the Central District. Undeterred from these occurrences, they built a community alongside the Italian, Jewish, Japanese and Filipino residents, and contributed to much of the cultural and social development we see in the city today.

That very community has become the “Soul of Seattle”, cultivating greatness to likes of the Jackson Street Jazz Legacy, Quincy Jones, Ray Charles, Ernestine Anderson, and Jimi Hendrix; while fostering the changes occurring with the civil rights movement and the budding hip-hop culture. The 1980’s and 90's brought a large migration of Ethiopian, Eritrean, and Somalian residents, adding new layers of flavor and cultural richness to the Central District. Many Blacks also expanded their home base to South Seattle and South King County.

Today, the Central District remains the heart and home to a myriad of businesses of the African diaspora including cuisine from the South, the Caribbean, Chad, Ethiopia, Morocco, Mali, and more. These things, coupled with the rich history of the residing Black community, have made Africatown-Central District a unique place with distinctive narratives.

Africatown Black Seattle tour takes you on a journey through one of the nation’s hidden jewels of African and African American life. Unearth all that it has to offer today!

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